The strangers of Pen y Bryn

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Who are those people who stand and stare?
I see them, always from behind.
Never quite catch up to them.
When I get there, they’re gone.


Picknicking Penrhos Pigeons

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We few pigeons of Penrhos are
waiting for picnickers to come from afar.
Cheesy riches, pork pies, sandwiches.
We like to poo on your car


Juliet Tango

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A Tango…
Music & Lyrics : Tom Evans

Juliet Tango, the plane
She has two wings to her name
And if you fly her too slow
she’ll let you know.

Juliet Tango she flies
and you can see with your eyes
that when she takes to the skies
She’ll blow your mind.


Flying, with grace and style
She’ll take you miles
   and miles away.


Juliet Tango is fab
she has two seats in her cab
but room for one in her heart
his name is Mart (in).

And now an alternate verse provided by me here…

Juliet Tango the plane
she had an intact tailplane
but if you fly her too low (slow, and in a bloody crosswind)
to the scrapyard she will go.


Elvis cake

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Forget all those ridiculous stories
Every last one is a fake…
Elvis doesn’t work in a chip shop.
He lives inside a Cherry Madeira Cake
…(Sainsbury’s Own Brand)