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Hybridisation is not unusual in nature. It can though cause problems where a wild species interbreeds with a domesticated version. Consider the Wildcat and its declining population due to interbreeding with housecats. Or the problem with Spanish bluebells diluting our wild populations of native Bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta)
But has anyone stopped to consider what happens when a Sperm Whale hybridises with a Rowan tree. This one was seen flapping around in hedgerow in Montgomeryshire recently. A worrying development and one for the geneticists I think.

A Sperm Whale / Rowan Tree hybrid
A Sperm Whale/Rowan Tree hybrid, yesterday.

Gouty toe

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Blimey, my gout is giving me some grief today. I’m glad I remembered to wash my feet before taking this picture!
A hugely swollen big toe on a filthy foot.

My new telescope.

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I got a new Amstrad telescope last Christmas. It’s brilliant! Opens up your eyes to a whole universe you never knew existed. Here’s a photo of Jupiter I took with it from our back-garden. This photo taken shortly after periapsis shows in breathtaking close-up the intense weather systems that form swirling coloured bands high in the atmosphere of this gas giant planet. Just rotated into view slightly beneath the equatorial belt you can see the fabled Great Red Spot which shows at about 22° S latitude.
The second image is of the frigid Jovian ice moon, Europa, with Jupiter in the background. Hard to imagine that under all that ice may lurk the nearest extra-terrestial life.The planet JupiterEuropa & Jupiter


Life expectancy

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I heard today that life expectancy, by the time I get there is likely to be :

87½ years for women
85 years for men.

I have therefore booked in for gender-reassignment on 20th November 2045 – two weeks prior to my 85th birthday.  Get in!  Two and a half more years to admire my new tits.

Decension Day

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cymru3_stillA 100 word short story…

December 1960 and star cruiser ‘Deliverance’ manoeuvres into earth orbit.

“Remember! Lead them not into temptation, deliver everyone from evil, no trespassing, and plenty of bread.”

“And no wine trickery. We wouldn’t need second comings if you lot did the job properly first time,”  the captain gestured at Messiah 109’s scarred palms. “You won’t be called Jesus this time either,  that’s asking for trouble.”

The captain pushed the ‘DESCENSION’ button and Messiah dematerialised.  At that exact moment in the back of an Austin A40 somewhere in Wales, a surprise child was born unto Keith and Olwen Evans; the baby Martin.

Road signs in mid-Wales

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