Flying to Aberdyfi

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To Aberdyfi with Hâf today – 20 knot headwind in an aerial 2CV.  However, the return flight, via a 180 deg about, turned us into a Lamborghini.  Well, a Vauxhall Corsa anyway.  And there’s Keri waving my windsock from in front of our house.

Foresight with hindsight

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To save mankind in the future the trouble of having to invent a time machine to come back and assassinate Donald Trump, why not just do for him now? Just saying. 
I’ve got a list, actually, if anyone’s up for it.

Post Gwyn

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We had the entire Berwyn mountain range to ourselves yesterday. Bread-knife winds and shot-blasting sleet as we tussock stomped the last mile of wilderness to claim the range’s loneliest sentinel – Post Gwyn.

Atop Post Gwyn in the Berwyn MountainsAtop Post Gwyn in the Berwyn MountainsAtop Post Gwyn in the Berwyn Mountains

Doggy bags

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Special thanks to the dog walkers of Meifod this morning. The joyful site of a dog turd swinging in a tree fair warms the heart on a feisty mid-winter morning. And as the low sun glinted off the primrose yellow bag, I was put in mind of fragrant forest walks and the promise of the year to come.

Oh doggy bag, what treasures lie within thee?