Wenlock Poetry Festival

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Yay!* Great weekend at Wenlock Poetry Festival. And the autographed busk sheet worth as much as 48p more now it has me on it. The busk event skilfully and agreeably hosted in its sub-antarcticity** by Liz Lefroy

* Yay – A new word for me and one which I’m gong to overuse for a while as I like its succinctness.
** It was sodding freezing.

Harbinger of a bleak mid-summer

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This ageing electric blanket, still plugged in and waiting by my bed will decide *your* summer.  

That’s right.  I took it off the bed but left it on the floor as the weather holds mild.

Should I dare to put it away until next year, guarantee I will have to re-install it again come the weekend.  And the coldest, wettest summer-that-never-was awaits us all.  Do you see my dilemma?