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Does this smell like 1914?
Whispered breeze shakes sullen leaves
Fruit ripens, bursts
Powdered bees dance still to the sun.
But what is that on the east wind

Evidence of multi-tasking in men…

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Mister media mogul seen here during behind-the-scenes filming at Welshpool air show on Sunday.
1. Switching camera positions
2. Talking on the phone.
So what else?
3. Putting: one foot in front of the other in the style of walking
4. Digesting: a breakfast bowl of Happy Shopper muesli.
5. Thinking: “people know I hate using the phone so why do they keep bloody-well hassling me?”
6. Wishing: I’d gone for a wee when I had the chance.
(Thanks Brian Nicholas for the pic)

Yellow Rattle

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Non-descript this tiny yellow flower may be but after years of waiting this little indicator plant finally emerged from our wild-flower meadow this month. Yellow Rattle; aka Cockscomb; aka the meadow maker (Rhinanthus minor) will suck the life out of the choking grasses and give the flowers the headstart they need.


Welshpool Poetry Festival

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Bragging rights for Gillian Clarke here as she appeared on the same bill as me. I was also host and compere at two Poetry Sessions at the Talbot Inn during the same weekend.poster_saturday_lx

Liberated Words

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Yay! My film-poem “Numbers” showing here tomorrow night.  And page 5 of the brochure is my favourite… I can see me putting on a clean shirt soon despite it only being June.