Single-use plastic – reused and retired

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Had these two plastic cups followed their intended life they might have spent the last 25 years in a landfill site. As it was, they were retrieved by us and have spent all this time as a nursery – mostly for broad-bean seedlings.  Their time, though, is clearly up.  They can no longer hold themselves together let alone the humus and root of a burgeoning vegetable crop.  So this is their retirement day.  Thank you plastic cups.  Farewell.  You may now take your chances in the recycling bin.  And below, further evidence of overwork of single-use plastic.


Grey Wagtails

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We have a family of grey wagtails moved into our garage.  It was due to be renovated this summer – that will have to wait a while now.  A security webcam diverted to naturewatch duties.

Fenns & Whixall Moss NNR

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From Preston and the excitement of the Dull Men's Club outing we drove straight to Fenns Bank for an overnight in the new (life-changing) VW van and have breakfast with the wildlife on the edge of Britain's most southerly raised bog. I grew up[sic] here, and it has become an annual pilgrimage for us to partake in the isolation and contemplation this place gives. Not to mention some amazing bird watching. Herewith a selection of photos. Most speak for themselves, but of note is the remains of WWII Star Fish site - decoy bonfires to lure the Luftwaffe, and the photo with the red arrow is probably the saddest photo I've ever taken -  as a young boy these fields were full of lapwings, vast flocks of them that darkened the sky. Today, this single individual who, although a speck in the photo, didn't seem to know what to do with himself and just wandered around, confused "Where is everyone?"

Dull Men’s Club

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I was delighted, not to say, honoured to be a guest speaker at the recent “Delightfully Dull, Brillilantly Boring” evening, hosted by Dull Men’s Club at UCLA Preston.  The evening was actually as far from dull as I am from accession to the throne of England.  Now, that’s quite a long way.  Dulluminaries present were Kevin Beresford, president of the Roundabout Appreciation Society – in fine form having partaken in the refreshments with gusto during proceedings; Richard & Mrs Gottfried who together have visited, played and documented 819 crazy golf courses around the world;  Andrew Dowd who has visited every one of 2,548 railway stations in the UK.  Not to mention Grover Click – park bench appreciator and Assistant Vice President of D.M.C. (the highest position attainable); a fine and illuminating talk by Dr Boredom aka Dr Sandi Mann, author of The Upside of Downtime.  And last and by no means dullest Elliot Windmill, a trainee dullard who just wants to be duller.

Much fun was had not to mention illumination and refreshment.  Oh and we sold a few books.

Selling books at the Dull Men's Club


UNICA 2018

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My nano 60 second short, Nuisance,  has been selected as the UK entry for WMMC (World Minute Movie Cup) at UNICA, Czech Republic this 7th September.   I am both honoured and excited.  This entry cut to 60 secs from its original 90 seconds and is better for it.  I then spent a further 2 days working on the sound.  There was much to improve.

Anyway, I am not a wearer of football tops – this film required something bright for our insect to home in on.  This being a Wrexham FC top, a signed shirt in fact from several seasons ago from when I was match sponsor.  We lost.