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Bite Off

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Bonkers? Yep, this one is right up there. But this latest from our diminutive Telegraph Pole Films just won 5 stars and the Sponsors’ Prize at BIAFF 2019. You can watch it right here right now, or go and see it at the BIAFF Festival in the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham on Sun 28th April. It’s only 15 mins of your life you’ll not get back.

Mirror Lake

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Proud to be the publisher behind this beautiful and deeply moving new collection of poetry from David Van-Cauter. In stock now at £5.99 + P&P.


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We spend an inordinate amount of time watching the birds on our garden feeder:  the characters, the pecking-order, the antics.  No fewer than 5 jays regularly visit for a fill up on the fat-balls. Stunning, underrated birds…

River Lane

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Proud to be the publisher behind this particularly special first collection from Simon Cockle.
…”imaginative curiousity, willingness to engage…poems that offer genuine insights“, “…a writer who has found his stride“.
Available right now from our website:

Estonian Diplom

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Just when I was thinking that all I got in the post was bills, Domino Pizza flyers and more bills… This arrived from Tallinn (Estonia) via Bath. My very own, treasure for ever, Diplom from The XVI International Festival of Non-Commercial Film Makers. For my short film “Nuisance”. Oo-er!

A diploma for film making from Estonia

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