Welcome to B5105.com

The home page for lovers of the B5105 – a classic B road meandering through a little bit of North Wales.
A spoof map of B5105 showing the route from Ruthin to Cerrigydrudion

So What does the B5105 do? 

The B5105 gets people from Ruthin to Cerrigydrudion that’s what.  Not only that, but also back again if they want to, and even to any one of several places in between.  Not bad for a 13 mile long lump of tarmac . 

How does the B5105 work?

Cross section of the B5105


Project Lucozade

For long enough this website has displayed a counter showing the number of empty Lucozade bottles along the length of the B5105. Now I have to confess, that this numeric display has been just an estimate. But now, so appalled by the amount of rubbish littering the verges of my favourite ‘B’ road, I have decided to quantify and catalogue … Read More

B5105 Trivia

Did you Know? …. B5105 trivia • The B5105 was originally built by the Ordovice – an ancient tribe who specialised in building odd-numbered roads going an odd number of miles to and odd number of odd places, or to nowhere terribly interesting.  • Over 700 empty lucozade bottles are deposited along its length each and every year. • The … Read More

Madcap blogger

…That’s how I was described by the Daily Post (22nd March 2011). I wasn’t sure what madcap meant. The nearest I could get was; insane, but with adequate headwear. Fair enough. I’ve got a drawer full of bobble hats, and if I were to turn the house upside-down I could probably put my hands on a bowler hat somewhere. The report … Read More

S4/C Wedi Saith

My television debut came some years ago when, for some reason, the cameras picked me out in the half-time crowd during a Welsh Cup final between Wrexham and Newport County. I was stuffing my face with a meat pie at the time whilst supposedly too ill to attend a family christening elsewhere. Anyway, my real debut, when the people behind the camera actually … Read More

World of Pallets

There’s a fun-filled 20 minute day outall the family can enjoy when you come to … see…Wales’ Premier Used Pallet Collection over 700 pallets covering 23 different types incl. * Standard Euro Pallets* 1m x 1.5m Sitka sprucers* Reversible Flush* Single Faced* Those new ones with the chipboard blocks* and many other specialist pallets World of Pallets, where you are … Read More

Wedding Anniversary

Nothing to do with ‘B’ roads this, or even Lucozade (praise be!).  But I just thought I’d share with you, dear listener, that today is mine and wifey’s Dairylea Cheese Triangle wedding anniversary. Read More