Project Lucozade

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For long enough this website has displayed a counter showing the number of empty Lucozade bottles along the length of the B5105. Now I have to confess, that this numeric display has been just an estimate. But now, so appalled by the amount of rubbish littering the verges of my favourite ‘B’ road, I have decided to quantify and catalogue … Read More

B5105 Trivia

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Did you Know? …. B5105 trivia • The B5105 was originally built by the Ordovice – an ancient tribe who specialised in building odd-numbered roads going an odd number of miles to and odd number of odd places, or to nowhere terribly interesting.  • Over 700 empty lucozade bottles are deposited along its length each and every year. • The … Read More

Madcap blogger

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…That’s how I was described by the Daily Post (22nd March 2011). I wasn’t sure what madcap meant. The nearest I could get was; insane, but with adequate headwear. Fair enough. I’ve got a drawer full of bobble hats, and if I were to turn the house upside-down I could probably put my hands on a bowler hat somewhere. The report … Read More

S4/C Wedi Saith

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My television debut came some years ago when, for some reason, the cameras picked me out in the half-time crowd during a Welsh Cup final between Wrexham and Newport County. I was stuffing my face with a meat pie at the time whilst supposedly too ill to attend a family christening elsewhere. Anyway, my real debut, when the people behind the camera actually … Read More

World of Pallets

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There’s a fun-filled 20 minute day outall the family can enjoy when you come to … see…Wales’ Premier Used Pallet Collection over 700 pallets covering 23 different types incl. * Standard Euro Pallets* 1m x 1.5m Sitka sprucers* Reversible Flush* Single Faced* Those new ones with the chipboard blocks* and many other specialist pallets World of Pallets, where you are … Read More

Wedding Anniversary

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Nothing to do with ‘B’ roads this, or even Lucozade (praise be!).  But I just thought I’d share with you, dear listener, that today is mine and wifey’s Dairylea Cheese Triangle wedding anniversary.