B5105 Trivia

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Did you Know? …. B5105 trivia

• The B5105 was originally built by the Ordovice – an ancient tribe who specialised in building odd-numbered roads going an odd number of miles to and odd number of odd places, or to nowhere terribly interesting. 

• Over 700 empty lucozade bottles are deposited along its length each and every year.

• The idea to combine cheese and onion in crisp form was first conceived by Sir Benjamin Spoon BEM whilst traversing the B5105 in 1863.


 • An amazingly safe place to be a cat, the B5105. The same cannot be said for motorcyclists who come here annually in their droves to test their theories on the after-life.

 • At the eastern end of the B5105 the town of Ruthin experiences sunrise a full 61 seconds earlier than Cerrigydrudion. Conversely, those at the western end of the road can enjoy their evening barbeques for just over a minute longer. A good reason to live in Cerrig if ever there was one.