Thurs 10th March 2011

The route for Day 1 was broken into two parts. My wife had to nip out to get some milk and a Wham bar for me. So she dropped me off in Llanfihangel Glyn Myfr with the strict instructions to walk on the right facing the oncoming traffic. Yes, dear!

Leg 1 : Llanfihangel to Phone Box Betws Junction*

Leg 2 : Phone Box Junction to Bod Petrual crossroads.

Leg 3 : Bod Petrual back to Phone Box Junction.

Total : 4.7 miles

[Click the coloured links, above, to see the photos from each leg. ]

3 x cars stopped :

1 x farmer to ask me what I was looking for.

1 x lost delivery van looking for Waen Ganol farm.

1 x kindly chap offering a lift because I looked wet.

50 x Lucozade bottles found.

* We call it phone box junction because there used to be one here and which was incorporated into all sets of directions on how to find us.  Nobody does any more.

Project Lucozade