Friday 11th March 2011

It had been drizzling almost all day here. Then the wind started to get up. And it was getting late.  So what better time for a long walk among the elements with my camera. Although one continuous trek, today's leg again divided into 3 parts. Mrs Evans dropped me off by the phone box (that used to be there).

Leg 1 : Phone Box Betws Junction to Llanfihangel Glyn Myfr.

Leg 2 : Llanfihangel to Cerrigydrudion.

Leg 3 : Cerrigydrudion to Llanfihangel

Total : 7.2 miles

[Click the coloured links, above, to see the photos from each leg. ]

0 cars stopped today.

3 x cars beeped their horn as they went past - no idea who they were.

Some of my neighbours drove also past looking on in bewilderment as the idiot Evans was out again.

A middle-aged man stopped in front of me 3 times, got out to examine something in his car, waited for me to pass, then did the same again.  Why didn't he just ask me what I was doing?

3 x dead badgers in various ditches. I have my own conspiracy theories about these.

Really got my eye in for spotting Lucozade bottles now.

Cold, wet, hungry, tired and in need of spending 1p (or maybe twice as much) by the time I got back.

Lucozade bottles found : 46

Project Lucozade