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For long enough this website has displayed a counter showing the number of empty Lucozade bottles along the length of the B5105. Now I have to confess, that this numeric display has been just an estimate. But now, so appalled by the amount of rubbish littering the verges of my favourite ‘B’ road, I have decided to quantify and catalogue these empties once and for all. The result will henceforth be known as :“Project Lucozade”

It is my intention to walk the entire 13.3 mile length of the B5105 – twice – once for each verge – and photograph every single item of Lucozade Litter.

26.6 miles is a bit much for one go, especially as I will be walking against the traffic with eyes to the verge for the merest glint of orange label from the undergrowth. So the project will be broken down over a number of sessions.

And now that I have day 1 under my belt I can give you a bit of a breakdown:

I was intending covering both verges on one pass – but with my survival a stated goal, this is impossible – so I must walk once in each direction.

My results are +25%/-2%. This means :

* Up to 2% of my photographs could have been mis-identified on account of being badly mangled by the verge cutter.

* There could (easily) be 25% more in the undergrowth / further from the verge.  The grass has died and flattened over many bottles and some litter droppers have a good throwing arm – I didn’t investigate other than the immediate verge and what was visible to me as I passed.

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I must emphasise that OTHER brands of soft drinks bottles are available to be found along the verges of the B5105. I could just as easily have done my survey on; Pepsi-cola, Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Powerade, mineral waters(various), Red Bull and even Irn Bru.

But it was the proliferation of Lucozade bottles along the B5105 that first began to get under my skin. It is, therefore, these that form the basis of my investigation.