S4/C Wedi Saith

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My television debut came some years ago when, for some reason, the cameras picked me out in the half-time crowd during a Welsh Cup final between Wrexham and Newport County. I was stuffing my face with a meat pie at the time whilst supposedly too ill to attend a family christening elsewhere.

Anyway, my real debut, when the people behind the camera actually wanted to hear what I had to say, came just a couple of weeks ago on a wet and windy morning in B5105 land.  I met the good people of S4/C’s primetime magazine programme, Wedi 7 at the Foel Boncyn picnic site near Clawddnewydd.  The fact that the interview was to be conducted entirely in Welsh took me so far out of my comfort zone that one of my eyebrows actually fell off during filming.  Thankfully, through the magic of television editing, that facial malfunction was never seen by viewers. 

My interviewer was none other than Welsh singing star Meinir Gwilym which earned me great kudos amongst my daughter and her friends. Thanks also to Rhys the camera and Emyr the sound for helping me to get my story across. They were with me, filming and interviewing, for about 2 hours.  For the story, I did a Lucozade collection along just one mile of the B5105.  And amazingly, collected 41 empty Lucozades for the cameras. That’s 41 lpm (lucozades per mile).  Beat that, B5113!

It’s a long time since I last watched anything on the telly from behind a cushion – that was probably something with Peter Cushing in it and I would have been about 12 at the time.  This time I was, ahem, considerably older, and it was me on the telly that was doing the scaring.  I had no idea I sounded like that.   Or indeed looked like that. But the show came and went, nobody wrote me any hate mail.  My friends and colleagues all saw it too, and they still seem to be friends and colleagues so it can’t have been that bad. Anyway it’s expired from S4/C’s clic service now but thanks to the miracles of modern video-ripping technology you can watch still watch it via the magnificence of youTube.