World of Pallets

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There’s a fun-filled 20 minute day out
all the family can enjoy when you come to …

Wales’ Premier Used Pallet Collection

over 700 pallets covering 23 different types incl.

* Standard Euro Pallets
* 1m x 1.5m Sitka sprucers
* Reversible Flush
* Single Faced
* Those new ones with the chipboard blocks
* and many other specialist pallets

World of Pallets, where you are always, literally minutes from fun…

Visit “The Stackerie”

Try your hand at pallet stacking in the “Stackerie”

The Dismantling Yard..

Visit the Workshop…
See actual pallets being dismantled before your eyes by our craftsman dressed in traditional combats and using only a claw hammer and an Embassy Regal.

The Nail Bin…

All those nails have to go somewhere – 
you can see for yourself when you visit the Nail Bin. Authentically rusted nails in specially introduced rainwater.

Why not take home a memento of your visit with a bag of bent nails that were actually removed from real pallets. 
Stuff them into all of your pockets, fill your car with them.

The Mud…

Relive something of the horror of Passchendaele as you traipse through rustic mud stumbling your way, bewildered, back to your car. But don’t forget to call in at our souvenir shop – because as well as our souvenir nails we also have pot-pourri sawdust and, of course, our Lucky Pallet charms, amazingly hand crafted from recycled nails from our very own workshop. 

Alternatively buy something off one of our kids who’ll be following you constantly during your entire stay at World of Pallets (just off the B5105).

How to find us…

Easy, we’re just off the B5105
An icon saying Just off the B5105