What if…

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Universe A: Cerrigydrudion High Street with telegraph poles.
Universe B: Cerrigydrudion High Street whereby electric and telegraph technology somehow escaped us.

Pont o Ocheneidiau

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We took a break from endless house renovation this weekend to make a new bridge across the gorge in our garden. Our very own “Pont o Ocheneidiau” (Bridge of Sighs)

IMG_6442 IMG_6452 IMG_6461


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Hybridisation is not unusual in nature. It can though cause problems where a wild species interbreeds with a domesticated version. Consider the Wildcat and its declining population due to interbreeding with housecats. Or the problem with Spanish bluebells diluting our wild populations of native Bluebell (hyacinthoides non-scripta)
But has anyone stopped to consider what happens when a Sperm Whale hybridises with a Rowan tree. This one was seen flapping around in hedgerow in Montgomeryshire recently. A worrying development and one for the geneticists I think.

A Sperm Whale / Rowan Tree hybrid
A Sperm Whale/Rowan Tree hybrid, yesterday.
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