A Silver Medal

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It’s the short film that keeps on giving: Nuisance won Silver at Eurofilmer Kurzfilm, Hamburg on 10th May. Thanks be to Dave Watterson for submitting it. “Sign here” said the postie gruffly at the awards ceremony in my pyjamas this morning.

Bite Off

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Bonkers? Yep, this one is right up there. But this latest from our diminutive Telegraph Pole Films just won 5 stars and the Sponsors’ Prize at BIAFF 2019. You can watch it right here right now, or go and see it at the BIAFF Festival in the Crescent Theatre, Birmingham on Sun 28th April. It’s only 15 mins of your life you’ll not get back.


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We spend an inordinate amount of time watching the birds on our garden feeder:  the characters, the pecking-order, the antics.  No fewer than 5 jays regularly visit for a fill up on the fat-balls. Stunning, underrated birds…

Estonian Diplom

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Just when I was thinking that all I got in the post was bills, Domino Pizza flyers and more bills… This arrived from Tallinn (Estonia) via Bath. My very own, treasure for ever, Diplom from The XVI International Festival of Non-Commercial Film Makers. For my short film “Nuisance”. Oo-er!

A diploma for film making from Estonia

UNICA 2018

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My nano 60 second short, Nuisance,  has been selected as the UK entry for WMMC (World Minute Movie Cup) at UNICA, Czech Republic this 7th September.   I am both honoured and excited.  This entry cut to 60 secs from its original 90 seconds and is better for it.  I then spent a further 2 days working on the sound.  There was much to improve.

Anyway, I am not a wearer of football tops – this film required something bright for our insect to home in on.  This being a Wrexham FC top, a signed shirt in fact from several seasons ago from when I was match sponsor.  We lost.

Poetry Film Live

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Yay! My film-poem published on Poetry Film Live. And awarded 4 stars at BIAFF 2018.

Click image to go there.

Heart beat

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A short experimental film-poem about a short section of the Heart of Wales railway.

World premiere in a 2 person horse box cinema on a sloping field during Knucklas17.  I’m trying not to let it go to my head.

Meet Frazer

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He lives by our back door. He likes people, blades of grass and flower bulbs. He also likes the limelight. I suspect he has not long for this world.

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