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For the already released short-film “The Pole Liner” – see a few posts ago…


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61 seconds of why we should leave some ivy for nature. I could hear the drone from 50 yds away. This on a mid October day in Wales.


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90 second short film:  The tribulations of trying to read the Shroppy Star in the garden on a summer’s day.

The Pole Liner

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An interview with one of the last of the Telegraph Pole Alignment Officers out on his patch somewhere in Wales.

Telegraph Poles on the B5105

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Anybody who knows me will know of my affection for this winding little B road traversing remote and rural Denbighshire.  Not only the road, but the carefully placed Lucozade bottles along its length but mostly for its run of gorgeous olde telegraphe poles.

Welshpool Air Show 2016

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We had exclusive access to all areas with 2 dslr cameras for this year’s air show.  Rain was promised and delivered.  This is what we made:

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