Evidence of multi-tasking in men…

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Mister media mogul seen here during behind-the-scenes filming at Welshpool air show on Sunday.
1. Switching camera positions
2. Talking on the phone.
So what else?
3. Putting: one foot in front of the other in the style of walking
4. Digesting: a breakfast bowl of Happy Shopper muesli.
5. Thinking: “people know I hate using the phone so why do they keep bloody-well hassling me?”
6. Wishing: I’d gone for a wee when I had the chance.
(Thanks Brian Nicholas for the pic)

Liberated Words

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Yay! My film-poem “Numbers” showing here tomorrow night.  And page 5 of the brochure is my favourite… I can see me putting on a clean shirt soon despite it only being June.


The Dray man cometh

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A foray into animation – the drayman heads for Malin Head- it’ll only take a minute (and 13 seconds) off your life, I promise.

Dolly Grip

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“My life as a Dolly Grip” by Martin Evans comes out in paperback sometime. Two films in one, recorded at St. Asaph Cathedral yesterday – with 3 supremely talented opera soloists : Neil Balfour, Isabelle Peters & Alexandra Lowe singing from Cosi Fan Tuti with the consumately professional Annette Parri piano accompaniment.
One is to be a tail section to a 2 year long film project of which I’m embarrassed to say I am the subject. And the other is promo video for the singers involved. The amazing Rhys Edwards of Felinheli was the producer/director/camera. I pushed the trolley 😉operatics1



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A film-poem. Numbers stations, broadcasting on shortwave frequencies around the world were largely believed to be the work of cold war spy agencies. Today, they have all but stopped. This one, broadcasting in Welsh is an exception.

This film has just been accepted for screening at the Liberated Words “Utopia/Dystopia” event at Bath Fringe Festival in June.


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A filmpoem – This film follows one of the many millions of short, un-celebrated and mostly unnamed streams that rush their water away from hillsides to fill the world’s rivers.  Locally, we call this Nant Goetre and rejoice in all its moods and beauty.  Make of it what you will.

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