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Moody Skies

Last chance to get out and about in the moody and mischievous skies of Montgomeryshire and the Cambrian coast with Hâfi Martinsdottir.

Mixing with drones

A. Aberporth on the ground – sharing a runway with robot planes.
B. Aberporth from the air looking back
C. Cambrian Mountains in magnificence.
Today was a magic carpet ride.

Flying to Blackpool airport

My luck was in.  A flying instructor friend had a few hours instructing to burn off in order to complete an instructors’ revalidation.  So he offered to right hand seat me flying to Blackpool as P.U.T. Pilot Under Training – and all I had to pay was the landing fee.  Had to give up dinner at mother-in-law’s but then sometimes you have to do these things.


Flying to Aberdyfi

To Aberdyfi with Hâf today – 20 knot headwind in an aerial 2CV.  However, the return flight, via a 180 deg about, turned us into a Lamborghini.  Well, a Vauxhall Corsa anyway.  And there’s Keri waving my windsock from in front of our house.

Post Gwyn

We had the entire Berwyn mountain range to ourselves yesterday. Bread-knife winds and shot-blasting sleet as we tussock stomped the last mile of wilderness to claim the range’s loneliest sentinel – Post Gwyn.

Atop Post Gwyn in the Berwyn MountainsAtop Post Gwyn in the Berwyn MountainsAtop Post Gwyn in the Berwyn Mountains

The Berwyn Mountains from the air.

The Berwyn Mountains from 4,500 ft this afternoon. They were lit like some coral cathedral and I was just drawn there.