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After the Lord Mayor’s Show

The show has left town. We anticipated the Eisteddfod coming back to Meifod for years. Our excitement as the pink tent slowly grew out of a farmer’s field. Finally the week itself – a glorious celebration of everything that is Welsh. And then the show was over. 
This photo taken today shows what looks like some crazed Peruvian Nazca lines but is all that is left of the Mathrafal site. 
See you in 2025 perhaps!

Aerial view of the site of the former Eisteddfod site at Mathrafal, Meifod, Powys

Our ballroom

Our “ballroom”. More or less the last room to come online – 3 years in the restoration. Lime, horsehair, oak lath the works. Just upstairs landing and bathroom corridor and we’re done on the inside. But for about 300 I’s to dot of course.

IMG_6436 IMG_6437


The internet is full of cats

I’m getting in on all this internet cat stuff.
Here’s ours. She’s called “cat” and does sod all except meow to come in and then immediately meow to go back out again. Here she is thinking about meowing to come in.

Our tabby cat rolling around

Visitor to Goetre Hall

Look who dropped in for tea! Well, homemade elderflower cordial and Keri’s vegan shortbread actually. That’s right, none other than Aston Villa supporting patron of the Vegan Society, Mr B. Zephaniah.