The Lover’s Pinch

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Totally delighted to be the publishing part of this new collection by Brecon poet Gareth Writer-Davies.  Here, in 68 pages, Davies fleshes out his twin subjects of love and sex in poems of affection, sardonic humour and a characteristic lightness of touch that makes his first collection both exceptionally readable and an intimate pleasure. So the blurb says…  Anyway, buy one <here> it’s a gorgeous publication.

Poetry Film Live

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Yay! My film-poem published on Poetry Film Live. And awarded 4 stars at BIAFF 2018.

Click image to go there.


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Does this smell like 1914?
Whispered breeze shakes sullen leaves
Fruit ripens, bursts
Powdered bees dance still to the sun.
But what is that on the east wind

Welshpool Poetry Festival

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Bragging rights for Gillian Clarke here as she appeared on the same bill as me. I was also host and compere at two Poetry Sessions at the Talbot Inn during the same weekend.poster_saturday_lx


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erbacceBUGGERING BOLLOCKS II. There’s a Martin Evans of Powys, Wales on the Erbacce long short-list. 100 out of 8,000 entries. Powys isn’t that big a county. I feel I ought to know him.


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A film-poem. Numbers stations, broadcasting on shortwave frequencies around the world were largely believed to be the work of cold war spy agencies. Today, they have all but stopped. This one, broadcasting in Welsh is an exception.

This film has just been accepted for screening at the Liberated Words “Utopia/Dystopia” event at Bath Fringe Festival in June.

Wenlock Poetry Festival

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Yay!* Great weekend at Wenlock Poetry Festival. And the autographed busk sheet worth as much as 48p more now it has me on it. The busk event skilfully and agreeably hosted in its sub-antarcticity** by Liz Lefroy

* Yay – A new word for me and one which I’m gong to overuse for a while as I like its succinctness.
** It was sodding freezing.
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