Dull Men’s Club

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I was delighted, not to say, honoured to be a guest speaker at the recent “Delightfully Dull, Brillilantly Boring” evening, hosted by Dull Men’s Club at UCLA Preston.  The evening was actually as far from dull as I am from accession to the throne of England.  Now, that’s quite a long way.  Dulluminaries present were Kevin Beresford, president of the Roundabout Appreciation Society – in fine form having partaken in the refreshments with gusto during proceedings; Richard & Mrs Gottfried who together have visited, played and documented 819 crazy golf courses around the world;  Andrew Dowd who has visited every one of 2,548 railway stations in the UK.  Not to mention Grover Click – park bench appreciator and Assistant Vice President of D.M.C. (the highest position attainable); a fine and illuminating talk by Dr Boredom aka Dr Sandi Mann, author of The Upside of Downtime.  And last and by no means dullest Elliot Windmill, a trainee dullard who just wants to be duller.

Much fun was had not to mention illumination and refreshment.  Oh and we sold a few books.

Selling books at the Dull Men's Club