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New Horizons at Pluto

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I’ve waited all my life for this Pluto encounter – ever since my six year old hands wore the pages thin re-reading Timothy’s Space Book. It was that very encyclopaedia of ideas which burned away at me and ultimately inspired me to go and work in an office for thirty years.
And whatever happened to the market gardens and rows of lettuce on Mars the book foretold? The Thatcher years saw to that I suppose.

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Open mics

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A few pics from recent open-mics.  I won the inaugural Starkadder poetry slam on a rowdy night in Welshpool – despite some shoddy timekeeping. Prize of a “Brian” (green plastic snail) awarded by Aunt Ada Doom herself.  If I look blurred in some of the pics it’s because the beer at Bistro 7 is very strong.   One other picture is from Voicebox at UnDegUn in Wrexham.  Great night.

Ludlow Fringe part 2

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ludlowfringelogoSo, I was also involved in an art installation at the Library called “The Little Museum of Ludlow” – part of a wider project created by London artist Teresa Albor.

“The Paradox of Order is a research based project that explores the notion of why we seek order in the world.  One manifestation of the research involves creating “Museums” of objects (and in some cases sounds and/or memories) found/from/about a place, collected, prepared and installed over a set period of time, in as public a place as possible.  The local community is encouraged to lend objects and share the story/history of the object, identifying its significance as part of the collection.”

DSCN0244smIn all, I spent six days there receiving objects from the public, or if that turned quiet, going out and acquiring stuff ourselves.  And if something fired my imagination, I wrote a poem about it… Twelve poems in all.  Many about ridiculous mundane objects like a plastic chip fork.  I felt it my duty to breathe life into these throwaway items.

As an addition to the whole enterprise, Ash Roberts, one of the collaborators, posted 3 of my poems on ebay along with the collected items.  All now have new homes.

eBay_LambertAndButler_piconly ebay_Lucozade_piconly ebay_pregnancykit_piconly





Fellow collaborators were at the Little Museum of Ludlow were : Daisy Rickards, Kate Morgan-Clare, Catherine Wynne-Paton, Jean Atkin, Vivian Barraclough, Ash Roberts.
And what an inspiring bunch they are.

Joans Hill Nature Reserve

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A field outing to rural Herefordshire. A walk from Fownhope up to Joans Hill Farm, Plantlife’s  perfectly unimproved hay meadow reserve. A true delight for wildflower lovers. Passing through acres of camomile interplanted with lupins along the way and some gorgeous 25KvA power line poles. And guess the butterfly you lepido types ?? All rounded off with lashings of Hereford Pale Ale.

After Herefordshire, we drove on into north Borsetshire. Here, a couple of miles west of Felpersham, we came to the confluence of the rivers Am and Wye. And a nice pint of Shires in the Darrington Batsman Inn to round off a perfect day.


Yellow Rattle

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Went back to check on a small colony of Yellow Rattle growing on the roadside near Llanwddyn (Vyrnwy) and which was about to set seed. Alas, the verge cutter beat me and the flowers to it. Not quite locally extinct, but a step in that direction all in the name of tidy verges.


Ludlow fringe part 1

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ludlowfringelogo meinfeathersFollowing a sort of speed-dating event in Ludlow, I and my friend and poet, Pat Edwards, paired up with local artists in order to write poems to accompany their artwork being hung in a gallery at the Feathers Hotel and elsewhere in the town.  I produced seven in all.  One, called Aftermath (London 7/7) displayed alongside a photograph by Suzanne Boak, and six more accompanying various paintings by artist Tom Crowe.

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