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Elvis cake

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Forget all those ridiculous stories
Every last one is a fake…
Elvis doesn’t work in a chip shop.
He lives inside a Cherry Madeira Cake
…(Sainsbury’s Own Brand)


Love between trees

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An oak and a cherry
their arms entwined
embrace and kiss
until the end of timeLove twixt a cherry and an oak

Found this rather distracted pair on the steep hill behind my house. (Meifod, Powys)

Leftover tree

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Leftover Tree
Cuprum Surplusii
prefers shady position, out of wind and grows best in copper-rich soils



The first Welshman in space

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Dilwyn Griffiths has figured out how to use the camcorder we sent with him on his mission in Cymru III to Jupiter’s moon Callisto. This is his first footage from inside the craft.

An Enigma Variation

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July 1940. War rages and Germany is on the brink of invading. Time for some personal choices to be made…

This is a 5 minute short made for the Ffilmic Take 6 Film Challenge 2012. Genre, prop and line of dialogue all chosen from a hat, and then 10 days to script, film, edit, deliver. Budget of £92 (hat, specs & typewriter)

Winners: Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Costume & Production Design, Best Actor oo-er!

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