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Project Lucozade

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I considered entering my Lucozade bottle photos for the Turner Prize. In the end, just posted them on to my blog. However, that site is presently being treated for a bout of severe hacking so I’ve posted the video, at least, on here for your delectation.

The Mortimer Trail

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SAM_3039smJust a perfect day
hard boiled egg, Tyrells crips
and then maybe
from our flask
we’ll drink tea.

Just a perfect day
herefordshire countryside
hay bales and skylark song
and then later
when it gets dark
we’ll drink beer.

With apologies to the late Lou Reed for nicking his meter

A few of my unfavourite words

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I thought it might help ease me through this dark winter if I exorcised some of the words that I despise.  In no particular order:

Awesome Over used and over here.
Heart But only when referring to my own ticky-pumping thing.  I can say British Heart Foundation or  Heart of the Matter without wincing.
Cuddle Oh, that word is just too awful.  Please, make it go away.
Tummy Like fingernails scraped down a black board.
Like I, like, kinda, so hate the way this word can be fitted, like, about six times in a sentence these days.
Movie It’s a film for fuck’s sake.  Or a fillum if you’re from the north east.
Comfy I confess to being uncomfortable about this one.
Nil But only when preceded by the word Wrexham.  A bore draw at best.
Panini It’s a singed and squashed ham butty you ponce.
Crimbo Unless taken to extremes as in Crimbo Dex for Christmas Decorations.
Baulk I always baulk at this one.  Then wretch.

That’ll do for starters…

The strangers of Pen y Bryn

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Who are those people who stand and stare?
I see them, always from behind.
Never quite catch up to them.
When I get there, they’re gone.


Picknicking Penrhos Pigeons

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We few pigeons of Penrhos are
waiting for picnickers to come from afar.
Cheesy riches, pork pies, sandwiches.
We like to poo on your car


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