90 second short film:  The tribulations of trying to read the Shroppy Star in the garden on a summer’s day.

Telegraph Poles on the B5105

Anybody who knows me will know of my affection for this winding little B road traversing remote and rural Denbighshire.  Not only the road, but the carefully placed Lucozade bottles along its length but mostly for its run of gorgeous olde telegraphe poles.


Does this smell like 1914?
Whispered breeze shakes sullen leaves
Fruit ripens, bursts
Powdered bees dance still to the sun.
But what is that on the east wind

Evidence of multi-tasking in men…

Mister media mogul seen here during behind-the-scenes filming at Welshpool air show on Sunday.
1. Switching camera positions
2. Talking on the phone.
So what else?
3. Putting: one foot in front of the other in the style of walking
4. Digesting: a breakfast bowl of Happy Shopper muesli.
5. Thinking: “people know I hate using the phone so why do they keep bloody-well hassling me?”
6. Wishing: I’d gone for a wee when I had the chance.
(Thanks Brian Nicholas for the pic)